Friday, January 30, 2015

Video: How I beat aphid infestation in our organic cabbage plot

Who wants to pour chemicals in their gardens when there are natural ways to get rid of aphid and other pests? I don't, so I try really hard to do it all naturally and cost effective.

Video: Canning Venison (Deer Meat)

I used to be kind of scared to even entertain the thought of canning meat at home, but as time goes by, and more people at home are doing it, I decided to try my luck canning venison.

I have to say, it is definately ugly when you can it, but my experience has been great, and Im glad I decided to step out of that comfort zone on this one.

I have put together a video that walks you through how I canned my venison. I am no movie star but its about as real as it gets lol. Follow me through my beginnings :)
Click read more below to see the video!

Utilizing Free Resources to Save Money and or Generate Income

As we move forward in building on what it means to be self sufficient, we have come to realise that everything we do requires some sort of monetary investment in order to see any kind of abundant success, or return. We have drawn the conclusion that there are free resources available to cut those costs, or at the very least, balance the difference by doing a bit of creative brainstorming to both find free resources and to be able to use them as a potential income source.

Read on to see some ideas on finding free resources as well as some things that we, and others  have come up with to generate a bit of extra cash flow, and or minimize some costs associated with building and maintaining a homestead. Keep in mind, we are "wannabee homesteaders" and are working toward that goal. It will not be an easy task!

Click here to visit our wood crafts page on FB if you are in Alabama or know someone that is.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beginners Tutorial on Couponing: Learning the ropes and finding resources!

If you want to save hundreds of dollars on regular purchases by becoming a thrifty couponer, read this tutorial to get started. I explain how to begin the best money saving journey you will ever grow an addiction to. Living on a budget can be easier and oddly, very fullfilling.

Clip and print hundreds of dollars in savings on your next shopping trip. We have pages of products you commonly use that will maximize your dollar.

Click here to browse and clip the items you use most!

Continue reading to learn with us and be a expert in savings!

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